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Clarity Squared - Murrysville, PA


Clarity Squared is a web development and digital marketing agency looking to partner with organizations and bring clarity to their web and marketing efforts.

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A few years back, Andrew Gregory, President and Founder of Clarity Squared, felt a disconnect with the way typical agencies ran things. He wanted to play a bigger role for those he helped and bring the focus back on client relationships. Since starting Clarity Squared, he has built a small team and looks to expand in the near future.

Looking to grow, Andrew came to us for some guidance with the Clarity Squared brand, its messaging, and overall positioning in the industry. In addition, he was also looking to have a fresh, new site designed to better reflect the brand’s offerings, story and personality before scaling any further.


As we began to dive into the project, we were able to discuss all sorts of things with Andrew - from his childhood to his current hobbies outside of work to his future goals as an entrepreneur. He expressed his love for being on the water and shared his childhood experiences growing up on Lake Leelanau in Michigan - look it up, it's beautiful! We quickly learned where the water-inspired brand colors came from, and why he landed on the name Clarity Squared.

Andrew and his team are all about providing clarity for their clients’ web and digital marketing efforts and passing their knowledge forward in order to help reach business goals. Since we're in similar industries, we both knew the importance of being able to clearly communicate our brand’s purpose and offerings.

So, when creating the new site, we strived to intertwine those two things: the brand’s story and purpose. Clearly communicating the brand’s offerings and sharing the story behind the brand would show potential clients the pure intent behind its existence and help earn trust among new visitors to the site.

Visual Identity

Andrew already had an identity that was working well for the brand - clean typography, playful colors, and a simple logotype. These elements mesh together to display the brand’s personality in a very approachable, yet professional way.

It was a lot of fun coming up with concepts for a logomark that would only continue to exemplify an already great brand identity. Moving from the outside in, the mark we created reveals two C’s to represent Clarity “Squared” and also incorporates a subtle S wave in the center to tie in the brand story and its roots.

As the agency continues to scale and make use of more touchpoints and collateral, a versatile and responsive identity system like this is necessary and allows for more design flexibility.


During brand strategy sessions and discussions over the business's future, we spent long hours on the brand’s positioning. Specifically, we evaluated Clarity Squared’s services, the types of clients it wished to serve moving forward, and the relationship it would hold with those individuals.

Previously, Clarity Squared offered a range of marketing services alongside website design and development. However, the brand’s preferred approach to servicing its clients is to look at how all the elements of digital marketing work together, versus separately on their own.

It was clear that Andrew’s interests fell into two specific offerings: website design and development and integrated digital marketing. So, as opposed to positioning the brand around individual marketing services such as Google Ads, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, etc., Clarity Squared now positions those offerings under one roof as “integrated digital marketing.”

The agency aims to utilize its positioning to communicate to its clients that marketing should be viewed holistically, rather than taking a piecemeal approach. This view on marketing also falls right in line with Clarity Squared’s client relationships. Serving as an extension to any team, it is looking to partner with organizations for the long-haul. It only makes sense that it’s offerings can serve clients for the long-term.

Website Design

Based on the needs and goals of target clients and the user personas we developed during brand strategy, it was clear that information architecture and user experience would be a key component in increasing conversions.

Through the branding process, we also learned of the client’s desire to continually improve their skills and share this knowledge with past, present and future clients, as well as partners and others in the industry. A heavy focus during the design process went towards organizing, laying out, and planning content for the blog page. A page like this demonstrates the agency’s mastery in their respective field and enables users to acquire value and learn a thing or two.

Our process for tackling the website redesign was pretty simple. After dialing in on the information and content, we started with good old pen and paper wireframes and then moved into prototypes that brought the designs to life.


Over time, we’ve built a great relationship with Andrew and his team, and will continue to grow alongside him as a partner and friend. We’re excited to lend a hand in strategizing and developing his brand further as he scales the agency. It’s been a joy to help Clarity Squared move closer to its vision.



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